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Let's Meet Our Foreign Exchange Students

Beatriz Diniz

Julien Rosen

Bela Alexi

Woodlawn High School is fortunate to have three foreign exchange students this year.  Being a foreign exchange student means immersing yourself into American culture for a full school year while being away from the family you love.  WHS is hoping to provide a good educational experience for these students while learning as much from them as they learn from us.  Let's meet them!

What made you want to be a Foreign Exchange Student?

BD: "It was always a dream for me. I really like to travel, have new experiences, get to know different people and different cultures, and it is a way to grow as a person."

JR: "I wanted to improve my English and discover the real American culture instead of the joke American culture from Europe."

BA: "Sports. I really like how Americans value sports, particularly in school. Maybe food too."

What is your favorite American food?

BD: "Really hard question, a lot of answers: mac & cheese, peanut butter and jelly, and corn dogs."

JR: "I like a lot of American food but I think my favorite is pizza."

BA: "I like tacos but since they aren't that American I would say anything with a lot of cheese, like Mac & Cheese."

What is the biggest change you noticed between countries?

BD: "Everything is different, but the people would be the biggest change. The way people act with each other and deal with certain situations."

JR: "The distance between cities, towns, etc.."

BA: "How far apart cities are. In Germany you can reach a different city in about 30-60 minutes."

How is our school different than your old school?

BD: "The number of students is smaller here; in Brazil, teachers change classrooms instead of students, and we don't have lunch at school.

JR: "It is smaller, in my old school there were 1000 students."

BA: "We have a schedule for the whole week so all the Mondays are the same and all the Tuesdays are the same. However, a Monday is different than a Tuesday or a Thursday. So we have more subjects too. Another difference is that we don't have sports teams at our school, we just have PE."

What do you find weird about America?

BD: "People don't really know about others' countries' history and culture, in general."

JR: "Everybody can play a sport in high school."

BA: "Americans fry everything, even fruits."

What is one thing you want to do here before you leave?

BD: "Go to the dances, be fluent in English, and make friends for life."

JR: "Go to Chicago."

BA: "I want to visit a big city."