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The Lawn Online's digital masthead, created by Benton Garner on January 12th, 2022.

Welcome to The Lawn Online

Read this introductory article to learn more about WHS's newest news project!

Surely it is common knowledge that news can be important, and news that affects the children of tomorrow even more so. Inside the Lawn, the newsletter created by Woodlawn High School students, has tried its best to provide Woodlawn . . .

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Music to my Ears

March 2022 - The apple of your eye is a common phrase- what about the apple of your ear? Read this to learn more about the Gold Rush Apple of sound.

Music can have a huge impact on a person’s mood. No matter what you’re feeling, putting on one of your favorite songs at just the right moment can be a great feeling. A point can be made that music can be helpful in . . .

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The Madness of March

March 2022 - In case you live under a rock, here are the details on the United States' latest sporting season.

The men’s NCAA March Madness tournament has not disappointed in the “madness” division this year. This tournament is one of the most popular sporting events in the US, so popular that 30% more money is wagered on . . .

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Back to the '80s

March 2022 - The line between the past and the future has been blurred as many trends are coming back - find out the details on the latest return.

In the past year, the '80s style has been reigniting. You can see this in clothing, hairstyles, T.V. shows, music, and much more! People bringing back their mom jeans, scrunchies, and acid-wash jeans, the neon style and flashy . . .

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The Biggest Impact

March 2022 - Sports play a huge part of many people's lives. Find out how a coach can either make or break a person's love for playing sports.

From long practices to bus rides, players are around their coaches for a majority of their high school career, and these coaches could have some of the biggest impact on their players. From college talks to thousands of memories, the . . .

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Confetti the Kindness

March 2022 - Kindness is something widely needed and in short supply. Read this article to see how you can make more kindness confetti.

“Throw kindness around like confetti.” This is so much more than a fun quote. Kindness really is something we need more of in our lives. You could improve someone's day by simply smiling at them or holding a door open . . .

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Time Management

February 2022 - Managing your resources is hard, so read this article to learn more about the most unforgiving resource: time

Time management can become pretty hard when you become a high school student. Besides the fact of having homework and studying for tests, there are many other things that come into play. When you turn 16 and get your license, there . . .

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Who Really Needs Sleep?

February 2022 - Read this article highlighting something we probably all need more of- and what kind of effects it can have when you don't get it

Sleep: A necessity for life, and something that many people complain about. Whether complaining that they slept through their alarm or that they didn’t fall asleep until the wee hours of the morning, many people- especially . . .

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What's Today's Wordle?

February 2022 - Catch up on the latest trend with this article, highlighting a game that's got the world playing

The world has gone through many a trend within recent history- one of the new ones is a word game called Wordle. A British website created by Josh Wardle who lives in New York, he originally created the game for him and his partner . . .

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Stress of Burdens

January 2022 - This article talks about the pressure and extreme stress of having responsibilities both inside and outside of the classroom.

Being a high school student is stressful- everything from grades to how you look everyday before school- stress forming because of judgement from others, stress coming from all the  homework, and stress from extracurricular . . .

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Mental Health & Public Schools

January 2022 - This article makes plain the struggles of both living as a full-time high school and having other responsibilities

Students are affected every day by stress caused by things going on in school (like tests) and things going on outside of school (like jobs, relationships, and issues at home). Most schools do offer counseling services and our school . . .

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A Doormat

January 2022 - An article that explains in simple yet complex terms what feeling like a doormat is like- on an extremely personal level

Are you tired of being treated like a doormat? I can tell you that I am so over it. If you have never heard the term doormat, it is someone that lets others put them down or mistreat them. It doesn’t matter how nice you are to . . .

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Educational Expectations

January 2022 - This article highlights the stereotyping and expectations related to the US public school system

Be an A+ student. If you get an A+ you will be successful in life and get into your dream university. You will be somebody. Study, recite, highlight, get a hold of yourself! Focus. This is the path to make yourself, your parents, and . . .

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